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Cisco Systems Santa Clara EarthDay EVent 1999

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Cisco Systems employees check out Mike Thompson's SJEAA Solar Roof Shingle  display table.
Their were two EV1 and two Honda plus vehicle attending. All four were Cisco Systems employee vehicles. The SJEAA will be working with the Cisco Systems management to install onsite EV charging
The ZAP man gave plenty of rides on the ZAPPY Escooter, and ...
... the ZAP Ebike. 
Although one of the EV plus vehicles had to leave, the Cisco Systems Employees were very interested in all the EVs on display.
The ZAPPY Escoot was zipping around all during the show. The onsite construction contractor had asked to have ZAP literature left at their office. They wanted to explore Escoot -ing between buildings.

 page by: Bruce {EVangel} Parmenter EV List Editor - 4/99