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Intel Santa Clara EVent 1999
(Click images for full size) - [ Hi-Res ]

04/15/99 From 10am to 4pm was the intel-0 Santa Clara EVent. No rain like the last two weeks. It was warm (80+) and sunny (get the sun screen out).

When I arrived, Will Beckett of Silicon Valley Chapter had already positioned his Blazer EV and had the Electric Auto Association (EAA) table was setup.

I brought the fliers I had created the night before.
(missing out on PlasmaBoy's dinner). 

The EV1 booth was ready to go. Their EV1's, the Toyota RAV4 and Prius were lined up to give rides. The Toyota ecom was on display near the ZAP table.Rob (the ZAP man) was Zipping around the displays on his Zappy, having a great time.

I caught up with Phillip unloading the Sparrow, found the location, and guided it into position where it was to be displayed. List member, Stephanie Masumura, came with her dark blue VW rabbit conversion. The intel-0 facilities people helped her into position next to Will's Blazer.

Mike Thompson came and setup his solar array. He used it to power an inverter, with a lamp as the load (a solar power display). There was plenty of sun to power the array. All was set for the intel-0 employees to come out and see all the EV displays. I took this time to grab some image for the EV List, before my manning the EAA table.

Phillip in, and near the Corbin Sparrow EV from Darwin Motors 
[ http://www.darwinmotors.com  sparrow@darwinmotors.com 415-284-9514, 212 Ritch St. San Francisco, CA 94107
Joyce Kinnear of Silicon Valley Power [Silicon Valley Power  jkinnear@siliconvalleypower.com 408-615-5686, 1500 Warburton Ave.,  Santa Clara, CA 95050 ] told me that their company offers the EV charging assistance for the businesses and residences of Santa Clara. Their company's Honda EV plus was on display behind their table.
The RAV4 EV, the Prius HEV, and the ecom sEV were brought by the Toyota representative Geralyn Yoza [ geri_yoza@toyota.com 310-618-4271, 19001 South Western Ave., P.O. Box 2991 Terrance, CA 90509 ]. You may contact her for Toyota EV/HEV fleet leasing.
The EV1 team was already prepared to give plenty of rides for all the intel-0 employees. There were EVs of every color lined up ready to go. [ Erin Wheeler EV1Wheels@aol.com 10-547-7536 3952 Harrison St., #302,  Oakland, CA 94611 (Local dealer  http://www.saturnfr.com/ ) ]
The ZAP man Rob Means [ http://www.electric-bikes.com RobMeans@aol.com 408-262-8975, 1421 Yellowstone Ave., Milpitas, CA 95035 ] had his ZAP bike and the ZAPPY for the intel-0 employees to test ride. I liked his collection of bike helmets. One of which looked like one was earing their brains on their head. The ecom display is shown in the background. ZAP bike test rides all around the EVent (next image).
EV1 tent with ZAP zipping around the area. The EV1 team had several people to answer all the questions. The EV representative stated that they have not reached their quota for this area. They would like to lease as many as they can.
Stephanie Masumura (left) and her VW EV conversion. She preformed like a trooper in the full sun without a break, talking to all intel-0 employees people attracted to her EV.  Great job!
Will's EV and the EAA Booth in the background (Will seated). Will had his share of people asking about his full sized Blazer EV conversion (all 4,700 lbs).
The EVent ended promptly at 4pm. It was quite successful. Plenty of fliers were handed out for the intel-0 employees to attend our other Free public EVents. The Electric Auto Association thanks Intel
[ http://www.intel.com ] for having, and allowing the EAA to assist with, this EVent.

web page by: BruceDP - 4/99