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Napa Electric Vehicle Charging installation 11/1999
(click on each image below for full view)

First on the scene, the Saturn people were organized and already well into completing their booth and table.
The rain has stopped and the tables are out in preparation.
The location of this EV spot is perfect. It has easy access, and will not be in competition with gas car parking because it is in the rear. Map
EV1s that were unloaded, were zipping around enjoying this freedom from captivity.
A full view of the Napa EV charging spots with the EV1 having beautiful metallic 'rainbow' paint job.
The inside part of the GM EV1 'road-show' semi-truck was autographed by all the GM and Saturn sales reps that had used 'The Truck'. By the number of signatures and cities listed, this truck has been all across the USA.
In the front of a large circular patio area would be perfect for Electric Bicycle parking and charging.
A quick look around showed that there was three outdoor outlets already in place, But positioned so no EV using the parking lot could access them.
All were milling around nibbling on Napa grapes and cheese, while waiting for the festivities to begin.
The Shopping Center manager was very pleased with the turnout to celebrate their 
EV charger installation.
The City of Napa Mayor was proud to open this EV charging station.
The group listened attentively to all the speakers.
A plastic EV parking only sign was in front of each of the two spots. The EAA offers a much better, longer lasting 'EV parking only' sign.
There were two Level2 EVCE (charging-heads): one gen2 inductive MangneCharger SPI, and one conductive EVI ICS-200 AVCON. But no Level1 conductive 110VAC 20amp (NEMA 5-20) outlets (for EV conversions, nevs, E-scooters, etc.). The BAAQMD person there was told public EV charging spots need Level1 outlets.
Wouldn't you know it, as soon as all the hoopla was over, a huge semi truck pulled in right where the 'Electric Vehicle Parking Only' spots are. I let the management know that all their money is wasted if EVs can not park and charge at their shopping center. They said they will tell the truck drivers, again, not to park there.

Napa Premium Outlets: Hwy 29 to 1st St. exit, 629 Factory Stores Drive, Napa, CA 94558
707-226-9876 Map

(nearby, Petaluma Village Premium Outlets also has EV charging spots Map)

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