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EVLN % Live % images NASA EarthDay EVent @ Mt. View, CA 4/99
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The SVEAA and SJEAA work with NASA for several weeks to make sure this EVent had plenty of EV manufacturer representatives attending.
The EVent was held at Hangar 1 at Moffet Field. This Hangar dates back to the 1930's. It was originally designed as an airship hangar.
The free rides drive route started at the Hangar, out onto the street in a loop that brought the riders back to the Hangar.
Electric Vehicles Inc. (Used EV Broker, San Francisco area patrons Only)
Bay Area Action (Converted MG to electric power)
Pacific Gas & Electric http://www.pge.com brought the Nissan Altra EV station wagon.
Toyota brought their Prius HEV
Electro Automotive www.electroauto.com had their conversion kits on sale, and ... 
... their Porsche conversion (under the hood view) ...
... (under the trunk view). A good example of their Porsche conversion Kit.
The GM Road Show was in full form, giving plenty of rides. The Semi had a built in Genset to charge all the EV1's.
The VEGGIE VAN BioDiesel project was represented with their literature table.
This is the same racing EV1 that was displayed at the Treasure Island GM EV1 San Francisco Launch. 
Mike Sarri had his Ebikes available for rides.
Of course the Sparrow had many admirers.
Mike will take the time to help people understand not only how to enjoy a recumbent Ebike, but all it's advantages.
McBride Electric had their table. McBride is the new chosen vendor to take over for CI Electric (which was installing all the EV charging for EdisonEV).
At the end of the show, all the EV1's were inductively nursing at the NASA EV charging stations.


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