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NEDRA sanctioned SEVA drags @ Sacramento, CA '99
(Click on images for full view)

Zombie turns ICE heads @ Sacramento Drags 10/9/99 11:30 right on time.
  I came up to the booth, I got, "that will be $15". I was handed a ticket and a couple of fliers for future drag events. "Hang on to the ticket for the afternoon barbecue".  People were parked all round the raceway, staking out their territory for the duration.  I  parked near the stands, and I immediately saw Mark Bahlke SEVA. We both were looking for our EV List people. I saw activity at the end of the stands and near the main building.

Sure enough, John Wayland and other NEDRA members had already staked their area out for staging

The first casualty of the EVent. John's ball hitch had sheared on the trip down from Oregon.

For a quickly put together EVent there was quite a good selection of EVs.

Time to unload. The rails were put in place. John backs the Zombie
off the trailer.

Others were also unloading and prepping their EVs for the EVent: Drag bikes,

 John's tractor

(which came in very handy for towing),

White Zombie,

Electric motorcycle,

a Lectra motorcycle, 

and Gary Flo
brought an Electric go cart.

It really was designed for off road use,

but had a nice layout. I though the placement of our EVs was fitting. We were right next to
the refueling station, and the outlet. Both we couldn't use. 

With huge clouds of burnt rubber wafting through our area, it is understandable why the spot we chose wasn't occupied before we arrived. Yet, this location gave us the largest visibility we could ask for.

I asked about the outlet, and we had already been told not to use it
as "it might mess up our staging lights". Obviously, they have never worked with EVs before. 

No problem. John had his Genset in the back of his truck and we positioned the rented genset, right next to the outlet we couldn't use.
The EVs didn't get Tech'd until hours later. John persisted, as he was ready to race. 

We enjoyed ourselves anyway with John's sound system in the tractor.

Otmar was there with his Electric couch.Meanwhile several us used the time until the track personnel got they act together. 

Bob Lange tooling around on his Electric motorcycle 

The batteries were mounted down
for a low center of gravity.

Bob had spent some time putting the wood trim on his EV. It looked Good.

The Lectra was charged and ready to race,

as the Electric couch made another pass on the grounds.

We were having a great time, even though our requests for a Tech were ignored. 

Finally, a tech was made available, and we were now able to race.

Otmar used John's tractor to pull Rich Brown's RX-7 into position. The announcer asked over the PA system "Rich, you need some gas for that".  Rich didn't hear the snide remark as he was focused.

Rich's controller was bypassed to a direct contactor (either off or all-the-way-on). Rich and John had planned race each other. However, there still was connection problem and Rich couldn't get any power to the wheels. 

So, John took the lights

and was down the track in a flash for his first run.

A SEVA member had brought his EV1.

All the EVs had run the track to get their time.

After some runs, the  EV1 charged rest of the race, before heading home.

White Zombie used one of Otmar's Godzilla controllers. The melted ice water was drained from the cooling tank, and fresh ice was added for each run. 

John's dump charge system consisted of several Optima's in the back of his truck with various points at which the voltage could be tapped into. This let him control the charging current and finishing pack voltage.

John's dump charger let him have multiple runs. As we found out, there
was a camera man from the local Channel 10 TV crew there taking shots
of John's White Zombie. Later, John was able to give an interview for
the 11pm news. 

Even Henry Deaton's "Sparky the Wonder Bike" was racing down the track. 

Light and easy to carry on the back of a car, with a compact motor design.

Chuck Hursch NBEAA brought Bob Wheeler's LP powered 10kw 300 lb genset,

squeezed into the back of Chuck's 4-runner. The portable power source for all the EVents in the SF Bay area.

Otmar's stretch Van towed the Electric couch trailer. A zipper painted where the two van bodies are welded.

Music in our ears, we turn around and it's John driving the tractor to
the Barbecue (why walk). The regulars may have thought, 'Who are these Electric car guys, anyway'.

John moves the tractor up throughout the long line. John even jumped in and started serving the food as well. It was a good ICE breaker for that crowd. We all had some good laughs.

With the tables full, many of us headed back to our EVs to enjoy our repast. Mark Bahlke SEVA has got an EV racer wannbe, ready to take on the ICE heads.

After lunch, the sun starting to wane,

some of the EVr's were just waiting until they were recharged before heading home.

The Ecycle guys were packing it in, ready for the long drive back

Father Time was out before everyone, trying to improve on his time.

John's batteries recharged, he was already stoked to run again. 

He was planing on improving on his time, witha few more run before shutting down..

I got the thumbs
up from John before he moved up to the lights.

I went around to the spectator area, and watched the ICE heads turn as White Zombie raced down the track ...

I could hear them say, "Boy that little Electric really moves. What's he got in that thing"

- finis -

page by: Bruce {EVangel} Parmenter EV List Editor - 02/01